Learning to be a pilot takes great courage and dedication on your part...and we want to do our best to help you achieve your goal. Remember you can contact us for anything relating to your training. We view our success as based on your success. We are always here to help via the Contact Us links provided throughout the site and we want you to contact us when you are having problems. If you need help sooner, you can call us at 888-514-1945 for a quicker reply. Most importantly: we will always respond!

You, as a student-pilot are the most important part of our organization.

We also want to recognize the people who actually make our company run. They are like you: aviation minded, courageous, and hard-working.

Gold Seal Online Ground School has been designed and implemented with the help of many people who have talents that have made this website a great resource for anybody who wants to reach for the sky!

Gold Seal Team

  • Russell Still, ATP, CFI/CFII. Six-Time Master CFI
  • Nate Tennant, CFI/CFII, MEI
  • Elgin Wells, Commercial/Instrument
  • Rich Fowler, CFI
  • Tom Schmid, Web Services Technology Lead
  • Ethan Berg, Broadcast Media Coordinator
  • Will Gordon, Production Engineer

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