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Additional resources including printable .pdf documents and multimedia presentations are available here for your supplemental study.
Download this FREE 70-page ebook. It will answer all your questions about pilot training.
This is the current version of this textbook and includes the newest updates for 2016 and the new ACS
FAA document describing how to get a good weather briefing.
A very important chapter from the FAA textbook, Aviation Weather for Pilots.
This 7-page .pdf shows you everything you need to know about communications in Class D airspace.
An abridged version of the FAA Chart User's Guide that focuses on VFR sectional symbology.
Steep spiral descents can occur without warning when distracted or in IMC conditions. Here's a SIMPLE way to recover.
Do you think you should be able to solo in 8 hours? Or even 10 hours? Read this and reevaluate your expectations.
This article describes what you can expect if the FAA schedules you for a 709 reexamination flight.

Learn the tricks to the VOR questions on the Written Test.
End the confusion now!
An interactive look at how aircraft lights really appear at night.
The questions are on the test. Learn them here.
The Written Test covers five types of fog. They're easy to remember with this trick.
Another topic that creates problems for pilots. Here is how it's done.
Be prepared to answer the exact METAR questions that appear on the Written Test.

Test Preparation
This is the new KTS for 2018. It contains the fullsize Figures for the Knowledge Test questions.
This version of the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) has been abridged and annotated for Private Pilot ASEL candidates.
This document covers all the essential topics that can be expected to be covered during the FAA Oral Exam.
This four page document summarizes the ACS requirements for the basic Private Pilot flight maneuvers. Easier than the full ACS.
This one-page summary chart is perfect for memorizing the VFR weather minimums.
Summary chart of airport signs. Great for review.

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Download this standard FAA textbook by chapter for free.

Instrument Pilot
The Magnetic Compass for Instrument Pilots - 2021 Preview
GPS Overview for Instrument Pilots - 2021 Preview
A preview of Gold Seal's new instrument course for 2021.
A preview of Gold Seal's new instrument course for 2021.
A preview of Gold Seal's new instrument course for 2021.
Unusual Attitude Recoveries for Instrument Pilots - 2021
Diagrams and charts used on the Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test.
February 2014 Addendum to the Instrument Pilot Computer Testing Supplement